Yuja (Video Platform)

What is Yuja?

Yuja is a cloud-based video platform that will support all your instructional video needs. You can record, edit, store, and share your video all in one place. With Yuja, you will not need to save your videos in Google Drive or Youtube or iLearn – you can simply link from Yuja. All faculty will get unlimited quotas for video storage.

It will be integrated with iLearn, making it easy to share your videos with students. Yuja is easy to use and supports the growing need to support rich digital media in our educational experience.

You can get started by watching the training Yuja provided on June 19.

Share these step-by-step instructions with your students.

Self-Enroll in Yuja Faculty Support iLearn Resources

We invite faculty and TAs to join the Yuja Faculty Support iLearn page. In this self-enroll iLearn page, you will find curated videos and instructions on using Yuja in iLearn.

To enroll:

  1.   Log-in to iLearn.
  2.   Once logged into iLearn, navigate to https://ilearn.ucr.edu/webapps/blackboard/execute/courseMain?course_id=_321029_1
  3.   Click enroll on the bottom left to access all the available resources.

To Log In

You MUST initially log in through iLearn to receive instructor status. Go to your course in iLearn and click Yuja on the left navigation menu. The Yuja window will open and you'll be able to have full access to the platform. After this, you can log in directly from ucr.yuja.com.

For Support

See the menus below for answers to FAQs and links to user guides. For for more details and accessible training videos, please visit the Yuja Help Center.  Yuja technologists are available 24/7 to answer any questions. Call 1-888-257-2278, tweet @yujanow, or email support@yuja.com.

What can Yuja do?

  • UCR Yuja Description and Features

    Yuja is a video platform that allows UCR instructors and students to record, store, and share videos. Features include:

    • Capture your screen, connected camera, and/or audio
    • Integrate with Blackboard or Canvas to easily embed recordings
    • Automatic closed captioning and slide text recognition
    • Trim recordings, adjust captions, and make other general edits through any web browser
    • Pre-installed in classrooms & available for download to your own computer
    • Private media libraries
    • Mobile-optimized recordings
    • Option to schedule automated recording in some classrooms
    • Create in-video quizzing integrated into the iLearn and Canvas Grade Centers
    • Robust analytics
    • 24-hour support provided by Yuja

    Please log to Yuja by following the link in your iLearn course.

  • Login Permissions

    The tool will inherit permissions from the Learning Management System (Blackboard or Canvas). We recommend you first login to your course, add the Yuja tool, and then follow the link. This will establish an account for you and set the permission accordingly (ie, Instructor).

Yuja Features

  • Installing Yuja

    First-time users will want to download the YuJa Software Capture application to get the most out of Yuja.

    Installing the YuJa Software Capture for Apple Application

    Installing the Software Capture for PC Application

  • Recording a Video
    Using the Software Capture for Apple Application

    Using the Software Capture for PC Application

  • Embedding Yuja Media to Blackboard iLearn

    Media uploaded or imported into the YuJa can be shared directly through Blackboard by using the Yuja Media Chooser found in the Build Content drop-down menu or through the Mashups tool found in the Rich Text Editor. This makes it simple for instructors to add video content to Blackboard.

    Accessing the Media Chooser through the Build Content drop-down

    1. Media stored in Yuja can be embedded directly into Blackboard using the Build Content drop-down menu.
    2. From the drop-down menu select Yuja Media Chooser.
    3. Click on the desired video from the YuJa Media Chooser Library. A Search option is available.
    Yuja Media Chooser can be found under the Mashups category in the Build Content dropdown menu


    Accessing the Media Chooser through the Mashups tool

    1. The Yuja Media Chooser is available through the Mashups tool found in Blackboard's Rich Text Editor.
    2. Create the Blackboard Announcement, Assessment, Discussion, Item, etc. 
    3. Click on the arrow next to Mashups on the Rich Text Editor. Choose the YuJa Media Chooser.
    4. Click on the desired video from the YuJa Media Chooser Library. A Search option is available.


    Note that Embedding Media in this method tracks analytics anonymously. To access more detailed and personalized analytics, add Yuja media to iLearn using the Yuja Media Chooser CIM option outlined in the Video Quizzing section of this page.

  • Media Repository

    Yuja is not only a lecture streaming service but also acts as a media repository. Upload old videos or link to videos stored on YouTube or Vimeo. Any video you record using the Create Recording feature or the videoconferencing tool will be automatically stored in Yuja. The website offers unlimited storage.

    Manage Media links to the user’s My Media folder where users can upload and organize media and access saved recordings. Choose Manage Media, then My Media, to access your saved media.

  • Automated Captioning

    Automatic captioning is available for spoken English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Instructors' videos are automatically captioned, while students' videos are not. You can also edit your captions. If you are importing a video that has already been professionally captioned, you can choose to bypass Yuja's automatic captions. 

  • Yuja Exam Proctoring


    YuJa Proctoring enables students to record both their webcam (themselves) and their screen. Students begin the process by taking a picture of their Photo ID through Software Capture, and then they record themselves taking the exam. After a student has confirmed they have completed their recording, they will receive a message informing them that their proctored exam session is being automatically uploaded to their instructor's YuJa account. The Proctor Recorder also ensures that the recording is only securely allocated to a centralized instructor folder which will avoid distribution of the exam recording by the student. The Instructor and/or TAs can then review the videos quickly by moving the time bar at the bottom to scan for academic misconduct.

    "Yuja came at just the right time for me -- I was able to, on 24 hours notice, require students to use YUJA in a 300 student lecture class and thereby shut down alleged plans to cheat on a midterm by several dozen students as documented in a chat discussion group." Christopher Switzer, Professor of Chemistry

    Share these step-by-step instructions with your students. 

    YUJA is not compatible with Chrombooks or Mac OS EI Capitan. To use this feature, follow the instructions below:

    1. First, the instructor must enabled proctoring for the specific course.  
    2. Students, if it is their first time recording, must download the software (a one-time download).
    3. Students will go to YuJa before beginning their exam, verify ID, and start the recording.
    4. After they have submitted their exam, students will click Save on their recording, and it is automatically stored only in the instructor's YuJa account for  their review.

    This solution allows you to see both the student and their desktop. It requires someone to review the recording after the exam, rather than seeing the students take the test in real time.

  • Video Editing
  • Video Quizzing

    Insert a variety of questions and interactions into your lecture video to create an active learning environment.

    Integrating Video Quizzes with Blackboard Content Items for Gradebook Sync

    The Video Platform enables Content Creators to link Video Quizzes with Blackboard, to properly sync grade results between the two systems. In order to achieve this, a unique Blackboard Content item needs to be linked to a unique Video Quiz created within YuJa. The workflow to complete is summarized below.

    Creating the Video Quiz in YuJa

    The first step of the sync process is to create a Video Quiz on the Video Platform. You can find the steps to complete this here.

    Inserting the Video Quiz

    The second step of the sync is to create a new Content item within Blackboard under the Content > Build Content tool.

    1. Once logged into the Blackboard course, click on the Content folder within the course tool menu.
    2. On the next page, click on the Build Content button, and select YuJa Media Chooser CIM.


    3. This will display the YuJa Media Chooser plugin, where you can select your Video Quiz. Click on the Video Quiz you wish to insert into the Blackboard Content item.


    Taking the Video Quiz

    Now that the Video Quiz has been inserted in the Blackboard Content item, grades will automatically sync once the student completes the Video Quiz submission. Below is the workflow for students to complete to ensure grades are properly synced.

    1. Once the student is logged into the Blackboard course, they will open the Content folder within the course tool menu.
    2. The student will open the Video Quiz, and submit all responses until completion.


    3. Once all responses are completed, they will click on the Submit button. Then click Done.

    Reviewing Grades

    Once the student completes the Video Quiz, their results will be synced automatically to the courses Full Grade Center.

    1. Once logged into the Blackboard course, select the Grade Center menu.
    2. Under the Grade Center menu, select Full Grade Center.


    3. The grade associated with the Video Quiz will be posted as follows:


    Note that Short Answer questions must be graded individually in the Yuja Gradebook.

    In some instances, YuJa Video Quiz creators may receive the following error message when attempting to insert a YuJa Video Quiz via the YuJa CIM Media Chooser in Blackboard for gradebook sync while using a Chrome browser. This is a known issue within Blackboard and can be resolved by disabling the SameSite cookie settings in Chrome. 


    Error Message: The webpage at https:// /webapps/blackboard/controller/lti/contentitem might be down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Disabling SameSite Cookie Settings


    1. Open a new Chrome web browser window and navigate tochrome://flags.
    2. Change the following settings fromDefaulttoDisabled
    • SameSite by default cookies 
    • Enable removing SameSite=None cookies
    • Cookies without SameSite must be secure 

    3. Once the above settings are set toDisabled, click Relaunchto relaunch Chrome

    4. Navigate back to Blackboard and embed a YuJaVideo Quizfor gradebook sync. For a step-by-step guide on embedding a YuJaVideo Quizin Blackboard for gradebook sync, clickhere

  • Integrated Note-Taking

    Yuja'sintegrated note-taking allows students to take notes directly in the lecture, creating bookmarks to mark critical parts of a lecture or adding information where needed. To access Yuja's online note feature, you'll click on the table of contents button at the lower right hand of the lecture capture. When you bring up the table of contents, you can access both the table of contents and the notes in one easy interface.

  • Link Zoom to Yuja