Yuja (Video Platform)

What is Yuja?

Yuja is a cloud-based video platform that will support all your instructional video needs. You can record, edit, store, and share your video all in one place. With Yuja, you will not need to save your videos in Google Drive or Youtube or iLearn – you can simply link from Yuja. All faculty will get unlimited quotas for video storage.

It will be integrated with iLearn, making it easy to share your videos with students. Yuja is easy to use and supports the growing need to support rich digital media in our educational experience.

You can get started by watching the training Yuja provided on June 19.



To Log In

You MUST initially log in through iLearn to receive instructor status. Go to your course in iLearn and click Yuja on the left navigation menu. The Yuja window will open and you'll be able to have full access to the platform. After this, you can log in directly from ucr.yuja.com.

For Support

See the menus below for answers to FAQs and links to user guides. For for more details and accessible training videos, please visit the Yuja Help Center.  Yuja technologists are available to answer any questions. Call 1-888-257-2278, tweet @yujanow, or email support@yuja.com.

For more information on UCR’s Yuja deployment, please email Xcite-help@ucr.edu.

What can Yuja do?

  • UCR Yuja Description and Features

    Yuja is a video platform that allows UCR instructors and students to record, store, and share videos. Features include:

    • Capture your screen, connected camera, and/or audio
    • Integrate with Blackboard or Canvas to easily embed recordings
    • Automatic closed captioning and slide text recognition
    • Trim recordings, adjust captions, and make other general edits through any web browser
    • Pre-installed in classrooms & available for download to your own computer
    • Private media libraries
    • Mobile-optimized recordings
    • Option to schedule automated recording in some classrooms

    Log in at ucr.yuja.com

  • How to add Yuja to your course

    If you would like Yuja to appear in the left navigation menu of your course, UCR has produced a knowledge base on how to add Yuja to iLearn.

  • Login Permissions

    The tool will inherit permissions from the Learning Management System (Blackboard or Canvas). We recommend you first login to your course, add the Yuja tool, and then follow the link. This will establish an account for you and set the permission accordingly (ie, Instructor).


  • Desktop Lecture Capture

    Use the Create Recording feature to record your own lecture videos. Click the Create Recording option at the top of the screen (middle option).



    Downloading the Software Station

    Download facilitates access to downloads of Software Capture for Mac or PC. Simply click the Download link and follow all installation prompts to download.



    Start Capture

    Software Capture facilitates access to and management of installations of the capture applicationSelect the Software Capture option and click Start to open Software Capture on your computer.




    Manage Media

    Manage Media links to the user’s My Media folder to allow access to saved recordings. Choose Manage Media, then My Media to access your saved media. For more information, watch Media Management.






    • Video Repository

      Yuja is not only a lecture streaming service, but also acts as a video repository. Upload any old videos, or link to videos already stored on YouTube or Zoom. Any video you record using the Create Recording feature or the videoconferencing tool will be automatically stored in Yuja. The website offers unlimited storage.


    • Automated Captioning

      Automatic captioning is available for spoken English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Instructors' videos are automatically captioned, while students' videos are not. You can also edit your captions. If you are importing a video that has already been professionally captioned, you can choose to bypass Yuja's automatic captions. 

    • Video Conferencing

      Yuja offers a video conferencing tool (similar to Zoom). This can be used for office hours or calls with specific participants. Simply, select the participants you wish to invite and then start the meeting.

    • Proctor Recorder

      Yuja Exam Proctoring enables students to record both their webcam (themselves) and their desktop. Students begin the process by taking a picture of their Photo ID through Software Capture, and then they record themselves taking the exam. After a student has confirmed they have completed their recording, they will receive a message informing them that their proctored exam session is being automatically uploaded to their instructor's YuJa account. The Proctor Recorder also ensures that the recording is only securely allocated to a centralized instructor folder which will avoid distribution of the exam recording by the student. The Instructor and/or TAs can then review the videos quickly by moving the time bar at the bottom to scan for academic misconduct. To use this feature, follow the instructions below:

      1. First, the instructor must enabled proctoring for the specific course.  
      2. Students, if it is their first time recording, must download the software (a one-time download).
      3. Students will go to YuJa before beginning their exam, verify ID, and start the recording.
      4. After they have submitted their exam, students will click Save on their recording, and it is automatically stored only in the instructor's YuJa account for  their review.
    • Video Editing

      Yuja has a built-in video editor. This editor has features such as

      • Cut
      • Undo
      • Inserting slides/images
      • Inserting videos
      • Adding watermark/blue
      • Adding text on screen
      • Adding telestration (writing on-screen)
    • Video Quizzing

      Directly insert quizzes into your lecture video to increase interactivity and attention from students.



    • Video Note-taking

      Yuja's integrated note-taking allows students to take notes directly in the lecture, creating bookmarks to mark critical parts of a lecture or adding information where needed. To access Yuja's online note feature, you'll click on the table of contents button at the lower right hand of the lecture capture. When you bring up the table of contents, you can access both the table of contents and the notes in one easy interface.


    • Live Video Streaming

       Yuja has the option to stream your video live to all of your students. It is enabled by clicking on the Live button on the left of the Yuja Software Capture and toggling on the Live Streaming button.


      Yuja Livestream