Here you will find support information for Yuja, Canvas, iLearn, Zoom, Library resources, and Bear Help.

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Do you have questions about building or modifying your class, or about changing the format of your class? The Exploration Center of Innovative Teaching and Engagement (XCITE) is here to help. Additionally, if you would like assistance with any of our technology offerings, the Library, or anything related to instruction you are in the right place. Select the button below to find support.

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Webinars & Workshops

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Webinars & Workshops

Find out about XCITE’s in-person and streaming webinars and workshops. You can learn about teaching and learning tools and our new LMS, Canvas. To view recordings of past webinars, click on the Training Library in the dashboard.

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Training Library

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Training Library

The Training Library contains our past XCITE webinars, seminars, and trainings. Watch recordings of online training offerings or enroll to take one of our previous TAS courses.


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ITS Remote Resources

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ITS Remote Resources

ITS offers a variety of resources to assist you with you online teaching needs. Select the button below to learn more about ITS Remote Resources.

Recent Topics
  • Where can I find past XCITE webinars and courses?

    Click on the Support/Training tab and scroll to the Training Library section.

  • How do I use closed captioning in Yuja?

    Log in to Yuja at and locate your video. Mouse hover over the video and select More. Within the list of menu options select Accessibility. Select either Auto Caption or Human Caption and follow the prompts.

  • Looking to maximize online exam security?

    Discover how to use two layers of security to protect honesty and foster an environment of academic integrity to produce more secure exam outcomes.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Can I use Slack to share videos?

    Yes you can share files through Slack. Please read the documentation here.

  • Where can I find Gradescope?

    You can add Gradescope to both eLearn and iLearn courses.

    eLearn: Go to course Settings/Navigation and enable it from the list of options.

    iLearn: Please review the instructions for enabling Gradescope in iLearn here

  • How do I add a recorded lecture into my course from within YuJa?

    Once your video is added to YuJa, you can choose the "More" option from the video thumbnail menu and select "Links" to grab the link or embed code to provide to students through a course. NOTE: you may want to adjust the link "Security Settings." You can also use the "YuJa Media Chooser" integration to deploy videos to course Pages, Modules, or Content Areas from within a course. See these resources for using the YuJa Media Chooser in eLearn (Canvas) and using the YuJa Media Chooser in iLearn (Blackboard).

  • How do I connect to my Google Drive in Canvas as an Instructor?

    The Google Drive web service allows you to integrate Canvas with your Google Drive account. All users can authorize their Google Drive accounts for access to Google collaborations and assignment uploads. More instructions can be found here

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Request Support

For more support:

Pedagogical questions

The Exploration Center for Innovative Teaching and Engagement (XCITE) is available to help you adapt your finals into different formats and to begin your spring quarter online. For assistance, fill out the support form.

YuJa Support

If you have questions or are experiencing trouble with this service, you can contact YuJa support directly by calling 1-888-257-2278, tweeting @yujanow, or email

Support is provided through the following channels:

Canvas (eLearn) Support

If you have questions or need support for Canvas, support is provided through the following Channels:

iLearn Support
If you have questions or are experiencing trouble with this service, support is provided through the following channels:

24/7 Technical Assistance Zoom Support
If you have questions or are experiencing trouble with this service, you can contact Zoom support directly by clicking on Help Center in Zoom app menu.
Support is provided through the following channels:

Library Resources
For assistance with creating and adding e-reserves to iLearn, please contact Reserves
For assistance adding other library resources to your iLearn course, please contact the librarian for your department

Need something else?
Submit a Help Ticket related to online teaching (ITS Service Link)
BearHelp email:


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Webinars & Workshops

Virtual Drop In Hours For Assistance with Academic Technologies

XCITE is hosting Virtual drop-in hours for faculty needing assistance with academic technology tools (Canvas, and other tools, including exams), on Mondays and Thursdays from 11 am-1 pm starting on Thursday 1/20/22.

Zoom Link:

Migration Support

XCITE offers live Zoom Canvas migration support for: Moving iLearn content to Canvas, transferring YuJa videos, and adding Google apps on:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am to 2pm
  • Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm 
You can also book via Calendly to set up a 1:1 meeting for Canvas migration support.

Transforming Teaching Faculty Learning Program Professional Learning Opportunity

UCR is hosting a Faculty Learning Program for the 2021-2022 academic year. This program (originally hosted by UC Berkeley) brings together faculty at UCR to learn about the science of teaching and learning, improve their instructional practice, and build relationships and understanding of one another’s teaching and learning contexts in order to better align teaching practices to improve undergraduate student outcomes.

Program dates:

  • In-person kick-off workshop: September 22, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm hosted on campus.
  • Part 1: Fall 2021: 7 to-be-scheduled synchronous online sessions (learning)
  • Part 2: Winter 2022: 4-5 to-be-scheduled synchronous online sessions (practice & observation)

In this program, you will:

  • Build your education expertise
  • Develop your teaching practice to support student learning in lecture courses
  • Redesign your lectures to apply what you learn and integrate new approaches to teaching
  • Experience online technologies to develop your instructional practice & support student learning
  • Give and receive feedback on teaching practice

Seeking participants from any department:

  • First-year faculty members who may be new to teaching
  • Returning faculty who wish to revise their instruction to incorporate more active learning
  • You may attend just the workshop if you choose, limited space may be available for the complete FLP experience.

UCR Program Facilitators:

  • Matt Casselman, Assistant Professor of Teaching in Chemistry, UCR
  • Annie S. Ditta, Assistant Professor of Teaching in Psychology, UCR

Deadline to reserve a spot: Please contact Annie Ditta ( or Matt Casselman ( ASAP

Tools Training

Poll Everywhere

Get started making your own polls

  • Title: Poll Everywhere - Getting Started
    Dates: Aug 4, 18, Sept 1, 15, 29, Oct 13, 27, Nov 10, 24, Dec 8
  •  Title: Poll Everywhere - Large Teams
    Dates: Aug 4, 18, Sept 1, 15, 29, Oct 13, 27, Nov 10, 24, Dec 8

Poll Everywhere Webinar Slots can be reserved/scheduled here: Vendor sponsored


Keep up with Zoom for remote live sessions

  • Title: Zoom Administrator, Basic
    Date: 8/4/2021

Zoom webinars slots can be reserved/scheduled here: Vendor sponsored


This is our go-to media storage tool. Save your media to YuJa!

Yuja webinars and links are provided on Teaching@UCR at this link:

Teaching@UCR has info on how to incorporate Yuja into Canvas. Specific info can be found here:


Plagiarism detection tool – can be used on Canvas or iLearn. Turnitin has many on-demand recorded sessions which can be accessed here:

Teaching@UCR does have info on Turnitin, and provides this link:


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Training Library

The Art and Science of Student Engagement
TASSE Student Engagement


The Art and Science of Student Engagement (TAS-sie) was a collaborative effort between UCR main campus and UCR Extension. This six-week seminar was offered April 19 - June 03, 2021, and was targeted for UCR and UCR Extension Faculty, TA's, and instructors.

You can still explore TASSE as an online self-paced Canvas course.

The Art and Science of Student Engagement seminar explores concepts and best practices to engage your students. The seminar consists of short videos, research articles and activities to apply concepts to your course. Topics include:

  • Preparing Your Students to Engage
  • The Pedagogy and Technology of Synchronous Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Engaging Your Students in Academic Research
  • Engaging Students in Academic Integrity Practices
  • Restore, Evolve, Transform: Preparing for What Comes Next



Email Contact

Cheryl Diermyer, XCITE Senior Instructional Designer

Recordings of Webinars
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