Special Guidance to the Faculty Regarding Online Proctoring During Finals Week


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and multiple university closures, there is a rising demand for online proctoring solutions that may create an unusual strain on online proctoring service providers (e.g., ProctorU, Examity). The rising demand nationwide may result in a delay of service times over the next few weeks. For example, the creation of new instructor accounts by an online proctoring service can take up to 48-72 hours under normal, non-emergency conditions. Moreover, the current scheduling time for an online exam for a course, typically about three days after the initial request is made, may now be extended by an additional week or more. Furthermore, proctoring services incur a student “course materials” cost and students pay for exams delivered via online proctoring. Student costs can also increase through additional fees for late or urgent scheduling requests. Since additional course fees must be disclosed to students at the start of a term, we recommend not using an online proctoring service for your final exam unless the service provider and the student cost was already part of the course plan/syllabus from the start of the quarter. 
It is our recommendation that UCR faculty seek different final exam delivery solutions rather than utilizing an online proctoring service. We recommend that instructors consider how to deliver their final exams and tests using the iLearn online platform or provide an authentic alternative for a final exam, such as a final paper or a final presentation. If you adopt iLearn as your testing solution, there is no wait time to administer your final exam. Your students will not need to coordinate with a third party online proctoring service.

There are many options for administering secure and timely exams using the iLearn platform, including:

  • Password protection
  • Question and/or answer randomization
  • Timed exams
  • Force completion for students who navigate away from the exam in their browsers
  • Display one question at a time and prohibiting backtracking

Information and resources to help you plan and deliver a solid final assessment for your course are available at the UCR KeepTeaching website, and instructors are encouraged to submit a BearHelp ticket with requests for assistance to address issues or problems you may encounter during finals week.
Finally, If you still feel you need an online proctoring tools for your particular course needs, please submit service link ticket and requests will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.