Respondus LockDown Browser (Respondus)


Respondus is a custom browser that disables a student's ability to print, copy, and access other URLs or applications while accessing an assessment. In effect, it locks them in the assessment until it is submitted for grading.

Respondus includes the following features:

  • Full-screen display that cannot be minimized
  • Assessments cannot be exited until submited
  • Users cannot switch or access other applications
  • Users cannot print
  • Print screen and capture functions are disabled
  • Copy and paste features are disabled
  • Right-click menu (Windows) and key + click options (Mac) are disabled
  • Browser menu and toolbar re disabled with the exception of Back, Forward, Refresh, and Stop.
  • Function keys are disabled
  • HTML source code cannot be viewed
  • Users can not type URLs
  • Respondus browser automatically starts at Blackboard login page
  • Pages accessed in Respondus are not cached or stored
  • Links within the assessment are still accessible

Respondus is for use while students take assessments prepared for use in the browser, the browser may not work in other areas of iLearn.

Downloading and Installing Respondus LockDown Browser

Download the Respondus LockDown Browser using the following link:
Note that this link is exclusive to the University of California, Riverside

LockDown Browser for Windows

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • 75 MB

Installation Instructions

  • Download and install the LockDown browser using the link found above.
  • Start the LockDown Browser by going to Start > All Programs > Respondus > LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser for Mac

Minimum Requirements

  • MacOS 10.12 tp 10.15
  • 120 MB

Installation Instructions

  • Download and install the LockDown browser using the link found above.
  • Start LockDown Browser by going to Finder > Applications > LockDown Browser

For more detailed instructions visit:

Preparing a Respondus Exam

1.    Create and deploy an iLearn assessment.

2.    Once you have created an assessment, select “Course Tools” from the bottom left-hand menu in the Course Management section.

Respondus Course Management

3.    Under Course Tools, select Respondus LockDown Browser

Coruse Tools Menu - Respondus LockDown

4.    The first time you access Respondus, you will be presented with several tutorials and resources. Once you have reviewed any necessary material, click Continue to LockDown Browser.

  • Note that you may check the box that says “Don’t show this page again” to hide this page in the future.
Respondus Tutorial

5.    At the dashboard, choose the assessment you wish to use the LockDown Browser with and select “Settings.”

Respondus Dashboard Settings

6.    From Settings, choose “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.”

  • You may also set a password for the exam and access several other options under Advanced Settings (see Advanced Settings later in this document).
  • Important: if you wish to use a password on your assessment, it must be added in the LockDown Browser Settings.
Resondus LockDown Browser Settings

7.    Once you have selected to require Respondus and any other settings, click “Save + Close.”

Respondus Required

8.    The quiz's name will be updated to indicate that it requires that students use the LockDown Browser. Students who do not open the browser before accessing the quiz will be denied access to the assessment and will see a message asking for a password.

iLearn Assessment Respondus

9.    Students are to open the LockDown Browser before accessing the quiz. Once they access the quiz, they will not be asked for a password unless the instructor has set it to require one in the Respondus settings

Determining if Respondus settings are correctly set


  1. Log in to Blackboard using a valid student account or enable the “Student Preview” mode.
  2. Navigate to the quiz and attempt to start it. You should be unable to begin if Respondus is set correctly.
  3. Start the LockDown Browser and attempt to reaccess the quiz. This time you should be able to begin.
  • Note: When accessing a Respondus assessment in Blackboard as a student, you must complete the assessment before the browser allows you to exit.

Additional Tips and Suggestions

  • Advise students that they must use Respondus LockDown Browser before accessing the exam.
  • Create a “practice exam” that requires Respondus. This way, students will have already downloaded the browser before accessing the assessment.
  • Preview assessments using the LockDown browser.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are found in the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard

Lock Students into Browser


  • This setting prompts the user to give a reason for exiting the browser before submitting their assessment.
  • This is not recommended outside of a proctored environment as students cannot exit the browser if their internet connection fails or in case of an emergency.
iPad Edition of LockDown Browser
  • A version of the LockDown Browser is available for iPad in the Apple App Store. This setting must be enabled for the app to work.
Enable Calculator on the toolbar
  • This option allows students access to either a standard or scientific calculator in the LockDown browser's toolbar.
Enable Printing
  • Selecting this option creates a print button in the toolbar. Otherwise, students cannot print while using Respondus.
Using Spreadsheets in Respondus assessments