Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • What is Respondus Lockdown Browser

    Respondus is a custom browser that disables a student's ability to print, copy, access other web pages, and restricts access to other applications while accessing an assessment. In effect, it locks them in the assessment until it is submitted for grading.

  • Getting Started

    Students need to log in into Canvas/eLearn via Once logged in, they need to click on the exam in their course site. If the application is already downloaded in the device then students can directly go to the instructions in the quiz. If they do not have Respondus Lockdown Browser installed on their device, they will be prompted to install prior to taking the assessment.

    For more information click on the link.

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser Features
    • Full-screen display that cannot be minimized
    • Assessments cannot be exited until submitted
    • Users cannot switch or access other applications
    • Users cannot print
    • Print screen and capture functions are disabled
    • Copy and paste features are disabled
    • Right-click menu (Windows) and key + click options (Mac) are disabled
    • Browser menu and toolbar re disabled with the exception of Back, Forward, Refresh, and Stop.
    • Function keys are disabled
    • HTML source code cannot be viewed
    • Users can not type URLs
    • Respondus browser automatically starts at Blackboard login page
    • Pages accessed in Respondus are not cached or stored
    • Links within the assessment are still accessible
  • How to Use Respondus Lockdown Browser?
    1. Create A Canvas Quiz, then:
    2. Next, navigate to LockDown Browser in the left-side Course Menu:
      The first time you access Respondus, you will be presented with several tutorials and resources. Once you have reviewed any necessary material, click Continue to LockDown Browser.


      * Note: you may check the box that says “Don’t show this page again” to hide this page in the future.

    3. Once you are in Respondus, you will find a list of the Quizzes you have created in the course already. Simply select the Quiz for which you are requiring Respondus, then choose ‘Settings:’
    4. Next, simply click ‘Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam,’ choose your preferred settings, then click ‘Save+Close:’
    5. The quiz's name will be updated to indicate that it requires that students use the LockDown Browser. Students who do not open the browser before accessing the quiz will be denied access to the assessment and will see a message asking for a password.
    6. Students are to open the LockDown Browser before accessing the quiz. Once they access the quiz, they will not be asked for a password unless you have set it to require one in the Respondus settings.

    If you would like to test whether the Respondus Settings are correct:

    1. Log in to your Canvas course & enter ‘Student View’ mode, located at the top right corner of your Home Page:
    2. Next, navigate to the quiz and attempt to start it. You will be unable to begin if Respondus is set correctly.
    3. Start the LockDown Browser and attempt to access the quiz again. This time you should be able to begin.

      * Note: When accessing a Respondus assessment in Blackboard as a student, you must complete the assessment before the browser allows you to exit.

    Additional Tips and Suggestions

    • Advise students that they must use Respondus LockDown Browser before accessing the exam.
    • Create a “practice exam” that requires Respondus. This way, students will have already downloaded the browser before accessing the assessment.
    • Preview assessments using the LockDown browser.
  • Support/Resources


    Find trainings through XCITE here



    For more resources and information, please click here