Online Exams/Finals

This is a guide to online finals or summative assessments. If your final assignment can be submitted via iLearn, the impact will be minimal and you can proceed as planned.

If you have to adjust your assignment(s), you should: 

  1. Determine a solution for your assignment based on the special guidance regarding proctoring and this directive from Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs. 
  2. Notify students via iLearn* of your plan.

For help using iLearn and more, see our schedule of live video training sessions and the recordings.

*To access student email addresses (in case you need to communicate with your students outside of iLearn), follow these the step-by-step instructions.

To reduce cheating, consider adding the following statements to your exam:

  • Include a statement (in an announcement or at the beginning of your exam) that reminds students that cheating on online exams is still a serious Academic Integrity violation, and those found responsible will be given penalties (up to and including possible expulsion from UCR). Any students identified as possibly cheating will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office immediately.
  • Require students to sign on Honor Pledge at the beginning of the exam referring to their commitments under UCR's Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code