Live Video Trainings

Recordings of Webinars

Yuja Faculty Training (June 19)

Poll Everywhere for Remote Instruction (June 5)

Authentic Assessments (May 29)

Building your Course (May 21)

Instructor Presence (May 15)

Mapping Your Course Welcome (May 8)

Summer Orientation (April 30)

Proctor Training

Connecting with Students, recording from 4/17

  • Dr. Sherryl Berg-Ridenour, Lecturer, School of Business Administration, discusses ways to use low-bandwidth tools to develop a sense of classroom community and connect learning to deepen student understanding by allowing students to share their own examples and engage in peer dialogue. 

Summer Remote Q&A, Part II, recording from 4/23

Using Mobile Tech for Lecture Capture, Remote Supplemental Instruction sessions, or Holding Sections, recording from 4/16

  • Learn from Pablo Mogrovejo and some of UCR’s Supplemental Instructors (Sis) about the variety of formats and approaches to lecture capture shown at their YouTube page. Review a variety of mobile technology options and considerations, as well as pros and cons.

Goole Meet Basics, recording from 4/15

Alternative Assessment Workshop, recording from 4/7

Zoom Security, recording from 4/9

Summer Remote Instruction Q&A, recording from 4/8

iLearn Beyond Basics, recording from 4/7

Notes from the field: Case Studies in Rapid Migration Online recording from 4/7 , by Karolyn M. Andrews, Director, Education Abroad & Adj. Asst. Professor, Psychology

  • Hear how Karolyn M. Andrews helped internationally-based SUNY faculty and students migrate online in response to the 2006 war in Lebanon, and the 2008 crisis in Greece.   In each situation, new tools and skills had to be rapidly adopted, and adapted, by faculty, students, and staff, in order to remain connected and continue learning in a variety of different majors.  Join to learn how to get through this, and then get better at it, as you help strengthen the skills our students need in a 21st century economy.  

Recording a PowerPoint Presentation recording from 3/31

PlayPosit Demo recording from 3/25

5 Tips for Effective Video Lectures recording from 3/24

Zoom 2: Whiteboards and more recording from 3/19

TA/Instructor Communication recording from 3/18

Exams in iLearn recording from 3/12

Using Zoom recording from 3/13


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