What is iLearn?

iLearn, or UCR's Blackboard, is our official learning management system. Instructors can login at and find their current and previous courses. Below we've provided a Quick Start Guide as well as links to more in-depth iLearn Instructor Guides.



iLearn Quick Start Guide

How do I put my Final Exam on iLearn*? 

The Remote Teaching/Assesments tab has information on putting final assignments online. Here is a step-by-step process to putting your exam questions in iLearn. Here are other final assignment solutions.

Watch the recording of the Exams in iLearn Webinar

*To access student email addresses (in case you need to communicate with your students outside of iLearn), follow these the step-by-step instructions.

How do I upload my syllabus and other course files?

You can add your syllabus by  choosing Syllabus on the left vertical menu, then choose Build Content. Under Create, choose Item. You can title the item "Syllabus," and either type/paste in the information or attach the document under Attachments. The click the Submit button in the bottom right.

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How do I copy my old course into my new course shell?

Use the Course Management navigation at the bottom of the left vertical menu. Choose Packages and Utilities, and from the dropdown menu find Course Copy. Choose Copy Course Materials into Existing Course. In the Destination Course ID box, use browse to choose your course or type a course ID (found in Customization--> Properties) for the new course that will be created and populated with content from the current course.

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How can I add (or enroll) a new user to my course?

To add a TA, grader, or auditing student, click Users & Groups in the lower left corner of the course's Course Management area. Click Users.Go to Find Users to Enroll (Note: You will need to enter the person's UCR NetID, as the browse option often fails to find users). Use the Role drop-down list to assign a role. Leave Enrollment Availability set to Yes. Click Submit.

How can students submit work?

To receive course work from students on iLearn, instructors must first create an Assignment. As an instructor you can choose to have students submit work by uploading files, filling out a text box, or recording media.

Click Assignment from the left vertical menu. Click Assessment and then choose Assignment from the dropdown menu. In this Create Assignment page, you will title the assignment, provide instructions, attach any necessary documents, chose a due date, and designate the point value. Click the Submit button in the bottom right corner. To edit the assignment, click the arrow to the right of the assignment title.

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How do I grade an assignment? How do Students adjust their Lived/Preferred name in iLearn?

Once an Assignment is published, a column will appear in the Gradebook. Under Course Management on the left vertical menu, click the Grade Center. Locate the student name and assignment where you want to enter a grade. To enter a points grade, enter the number of points in the cell and press Submit.

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How do Students adjust their Lived/Preferred name in iLearn?

Students have the ability to edit their lived and preferred name in iLearn. Students can log into iLearn and change their name and it will not be overwritten by the data feed from Banner.

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How do I have a discussion?

As an instructor you have multiple options for discussions including the option to make them graded and allow threaded replies. On the left vertical menu, click Discussions. Click the Add Forum button. Make sure to fill out the Forum Availability and Forum Settings sections appropriately. Click the Submit button.

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Can I email my students from iLearn?

The easiest way to send your whole class a message is through Announcements. Simply choose Announcements from the left vertical menu and compose and post your message. To message students individually in iLearn, use the Course Management navigation at the bottom of the left vertical menu. Choose Course Tools, and from the dropdown menu find Course Messages. Here you can message individuals or a few students at once. You will also have a record of your correspondence. 

To access student email addresses, follow these the step-by-step instructions.

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iLearn Teaching Tips

Access more common FAQs here. Find iLearn Teaching Tips here

Technical Assistance iLearn Support

If you have questions or are experiencing trouble with this service, you can contact Blackboard support directly by clicking on the Help icon in iLearn.

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