Gradescope is a grading platform that allows instructors to grade scanned, digital, and code assessments. It will enable users to provide higher quality feedback, give consistent grades, and reduce grading time.

  • Add Gradescope to an iLearn Course

    You may either add Gradescope to the left-hand Course Menu or a Content Area. Wherever you add Gradescope, it should be easily accessible to anyone submitting or grading assignments.

    Option A) Adding Gradescope to the Course Menu
    1. Hover over the + sign of the left-hand course menu and choose "Tool Link."
      Course Menu Tool Link
    2. Give the link a name. Either Gradescope or a name indicating to students that this is the portal through which they will submit assignments and find feedback.
      Add Tool Link Gradescope
    3. From the pull-down menu, select Gradescope.
    Option B) Adding Gradescope to a Content Area
    1. In a course content area, select More Tools from the Tools drop-down menu and choose Gradescope.
      Content Area Greadscope

    Synching Course Roster

    1. Click the Gradescope link to enter Gradescope.
    2. Select the Roster tab and click "Sync Blackboard Roster."
      Gradescope Merge Roster
    3. Click "Sync Roster"
      1. Note that the option to email users is automatically selected. If you do not wish to email users that they have been added to a Gradescope roster, unselect this option.
  • Early Gradescope Adopters

    Instructors who were using Gradescope before the iLearn integration will need to update their accounts to use the email or merge their previous account with the new account integrated with iLearn.

    To change an associated email or merge accounts:

    1. From the bottom left-hand corner of Gradescope, select "Account" and then "Edit Account."
    2. If this is your first time making changes to your account, you will have to create a password.
    3. To update your email:
      1. From the Account Settings page, click "Add email."
      2. Confirm your password and add your email address. Click "Add email."
      3. Gradescope will send a confirmation email. Open the email and confirm the updated email.
      4. After you have confirmed the email, select "Make Primary" next to your email in the Gradescope Account Settings Page
    4. To merge accounts:
      1. From the Account Settings page, click "Merge Accounts."
      2. Confirm your password and add the account's associated email to be merged to the "Account to Be Merged" field.
      3. Click "Start Merge Account."

    Students who used Gradescope before the iLearn integration may also need to merge their accounts. See:


  • Create an Assessment

    Gradescope allows for the conversion of traditional paper assessments to an online format, including scantron exams and online assessments.

    Create an exam
    • An exam in Gradescope is an assessment using a fixed template like a worksheet or an exam. This is ideal for modifying paper exams to an online format.

    Create an assignment
    • An assignment in Gradescope is a student uploaded assessment with no fixed format.

    Create an assignment within Gradescope
    • This is similar to iLearn assessments.

    Create a programming assignment

    Create a bubble sheet assignment
    • Bubblesheet assignments are similar to scantron exams.

    Create a group assignment

  • Grading Assessments

    Instructors grade assessments in Gradescope using a rubric. When grading, instructors grade one question at a time navigating through student's submissions. This single-question grading allows for enhanced grading consistency across the assignment and labor division among instructors. Any changes made to the rubric will be retroactively applied to already graded questions.

    Keyboard shortcuts for faster grading

    Advanced grading options
    • negative/positive scoring
    • bonus points
    • importing current and past rubrics
    • reusing comments
    • rubric groups/categories

    AI-assisted grading
    • Gradescope can automatically categorize answers by group and apply grading and feedback across groups.