Best Practices for iLearn Exams

Faculty Best Practices 

1. Share these Student Best Practices for iLearn Exams with your students to minimize issues on their end.

2. Implement the following recommended Test Option settings to avoid technical issues: 

Test Option
Multiple Attempts
Consider Enable
Consider allowing two attempts in case of technical failures (especially if you have a narrow testing window). You can add a statement within the instructions for the test stating that the two attempts are merely a precautionary measure in case students lose connection.
Force Completion (IMPORTANT)
If students lose their internet connection while Force Completion is on, they will lose access to the test and will have to start from scratch. You will also have to revisit Test Availability and allow the affected student(s) another attempt.
This display will cause less user error.
Adaptive Release (IMPORTANT)
This can hide visibility for students. Use the Test Availability options instead.

3. Avoid creating large exams (50+ questions) involving many/complex questions (especially with images). Consider breaking them into smaller exams taken in sequence instead. Large exams also create more server load when submitting the final exam, which can lead to failures due to application overload when groups of users submit at the same time.

4. Instruct students to save their attempts every 10-15 minutes (if questions are presented all at once).

5. Keep the overall exam especially short when using a random selection of questions from pools (Random Block Questions). 

6. Consider sharing your exam as a Google Doc (especially if you include several images) just in case iLearn is having trouble displaying the questions/images. 

7. Include a statement (in an announcement or at the beginning of your exam) that reminds students that cheating on online exams is still a serious Academic Integrity violation, and those found responsible will be given penalties (up to and including possible expulsion from UCR). Any students identified as possibly cheating will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office immediately.

8. Require students to sign on Honor Pledge at the beginning of the exam referring to their commitments under UCR's Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code

*See this brief video demonstration on setting Test Availability Exemptions to accommodate students.